WelCome to Citisoft Solutions (N.E.)

Why Citisoft?

Citisoft Solutions (NE) was found in September 2001. It is the training and Development arm of Citisoft Solutions  Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore found in 1997-98. Citisoft Solutions (NE) has had been to provide training services to individuals as well as organisations, within the publlic and private sector, which will ultimately enhance our state's economic health. Workshop in the areas of computer appliactions, business skills and leadership, management improvement techniques, and other subjects have been the focus of our efforts. We continue the tradition of service by offering high-quality public workshops annually. Our Computer Training Center provides exceptional computer training workshops and programs that meet your perosnal and professional needs. Our workshops are designed to be highly interactive, hand-on programs, which are conducted by top-rated trainers at resonable rates.


We impart our customers with training by which they can:

  • Stay ahead of change.
  • Capitalize on emerging technology.
  • Sustain a competitive edge in business



Starters: Computer Fundamentals, Internet, MS-Office,HTML,Photoshop, etc.

Professionals: .NET, JAVA, SQL, MS-Office, Operating Systems, Oracle.


In Today's business world, success frequently hinges on the effective use of computer technology & Training. You are gruaranteed the highest quality training because our programes utilized workshop leaders and managers, who are qualified, organized and understand the concept of teaching.
    Training is a dynamic phenomenon especially in the I.T. and computer-related industry. This is mainly due to the fact that there is a continuous emergence of new technologies and improvement in existing ones. We mainly focus on this aspect but difference lies in our approach towards training.